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This year the students will be applying their critical thinking strategies to solve problems. They will be using their prior knowledge to solve new problems and analyze their discoveries. I understand that you may have many questions and concerns as parents, so please email me at [email protected] or call me at school (410) 313-6879.

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Math Homework: We want homework to be meaningful and purposeful so at this time nightly homework will be to practice basic math facts. 1st quarter: add and subtraction facts, x/+ 2, 5, 10 2nd q uarter: 3rd q uarter: 4th quarter: Your child's math teacher may assign homework throughout the week.
The HCPSS Mathematics Curriculum is modeled after the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards. It demands that students develop a depth of understanding and ability to apply mathematics to real-life situations as college students and employees regularly do.
Also, the Parent Portal will give you current updates on your child’s academic performance. Sign-up at the beginning of 6th grade at https://hcpss.me/fp/. Communicate with your children. You reinforce what children learn at school by asking them about their schoolwork and letting them know that their academic success is your highest priority.
Name: _____ ID: A 8 Evaluate the logarithm. ____ 39. log 5 1 625 a. –3 b. 5 c. –4 d. 4 ____ 40. log 3 243 a. 5 b. –5 c. 4 d. 3
Use the tabs above for all your GT needs... *This site will remain active until all components are ported over to the new HCPSS system.
Our Daily Schedule: 9:30 - 10:30 - Related Arts
Resources: Math is Fun: Binary Number System Khan Academy: What is Binary video 5:22 WhatIs.com: Tech Target What is Binary? Advanced ICT Binary Interactive Why Do Computers Use 1s and 0s? Binary &...
Symbolab: equation search and math solver - solves algebra, trigonometry and calculus problems step by step.
Mathematics Curriculum – HCPSS Free www.hcpss.org Howard County Public School System 10910 Clarksville Pike Ellicott City, MD 21042 Main Phone: (410) 313-6600 Business Hours – 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
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  • HCPSS BSAP Liasion from 2009-2012; HCPSS Math Teacher since 2012; Alexandra Ward Currently Teaching: CHS Extracurriculars: Varsity Cheerleading Coach, National Math Honor Society Advisor, GirlSTEMpowerment Advisor Biography: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Secondary Education from Towson University; Howard County graduate; CHS teacher since ...
  • Understand the concept of a unit rate a/b associated with a ratio a:b with b ≠ 0, and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship. "This recipe has a ratio of 3 cups of flour to 4 cups...
  • Mrs. Wenzel's Website contains resources for elementary students and teachers from the online world. Includes dedicated pages for coding, digital citizenship and keyboarding as well as collections of content based online resources for PreK -5th grade
  • Ms. Clausen is a new special-education and math teacher here at Howard with a great vision for the school. In her words, “I want to have an impact on students in their academics, and I want them to be as successful as they can be.” She is excited for all that this year will hold.
  • Math help videos and practice Magic Pen Math Math games-many topics Math Games Math grade 5 Math Lessons-length,place value, symmetry,patterns,weight,tanagrams Math Magician Math manipulatives- Toy Theatre Math manipulatives-Glencoe Math manipulatives-NLVM Math Playground manipulatives Math Practice Fuel the brain Math Practice FOOTBALL game

Maths A-level past papers, mark schemes and worksheets. Solution banks for textbooks. Papers from AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR, Solomon, Delphis and Elmwood.

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Dec 28, 2015 · Number talks (Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade) offer a bridge between conceptual understanding and mental math. During mini-lessons and Guided Math, I am ALL about manipulatives. Base 10 pieces, unifix cubes, cuisenaire rods – give me all the math things. Math Solver is dedicated to help students solve maths equation in simple manner and teach them how solve math problems step-by-step. Our goal is to cover as many equation solver apps and calculators...CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.A.2 Read and write multi-digit whole numbers using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form. Compare two multi-digit numbers based on meanings of the digits in each place, using >, =, and < symbols to record the results of comparisons. CCSS.Math.Content.4.NBT.A.3

Math-Exercises.com is a collection of math exercises, math problems, math tasks and math examples with correct answers, designed for you to help in preparing for entrance exams to secondary school...

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HCPSS Family Mathematics Support Center Interesting Articles that highlight Mathematics Splash Math: A free summer math program Summer Calendars April is Math Month ...